Access to water and the Bedik culture, (Bandafassi, Senegal), May 2021

In Bedik culture, if there is an iniation on Wednesday, the girls go to fetch water. Before, this was done on the mountain, there were water points, but now with climate change, it is difficult to find water in Ethuar, they are obliged to go down to fetch water, and come and do the cultural practices at the top of

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Tambacounda Advocacy Workshop (Senegal), January 2023

From 9 to 12 January 2023, an advocacy workshop organised within the framework of the Watigueleya Kêlé project took place in Tambacounda (Senegal). This workshop brought together delegates from the three Senegalese villages participating in the project (Bandafassi, Missirah Tabadiang, and Wassadou-Dépôt), supervised by the Donkosira team, and the advocacy expert Illia Djadi. The objective of the workshop was to

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Local migration due to lack of water in Ethiouar (Bandafassi, Senegal), March 2021

We are in Iden Karfa, in the Etuar district, in Bandafassi. This water point used to be used as a drinking water source for the people of this neighbourhood, in this case the Bédik people. Ten years ago, the water remained here until November-December. Today, we see that at the end of October, beginning of November, the water runs dry.

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Drying up of water points (Bandafassi, Senegal), May 2021 

“I don’t know if you know the place there, the place called Kuga. We used to draw water from there, but now there is no water. The old people who used to live here say that people used to draw water from there, but look at today, there’s not even any water. It’s amazing. Even if you dig, you can’t

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Canaris making in Bandafassi (Senegal), May 2022

In this video, we see a Bedik woman making canaris. She explains that she takes the land up the mountain, that it is not just any land: it is land that was bought by their grandparents at the cost of their lives. Now, every time she digs the land to make canaris, they have to pay a goat, a chicken

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Overview of the rainy season, Bandafassi, Senegal, February 2022

It rained this year but not like other years. The rain started early but there were breaks in the rainfall, so it did not rain continuously. This discouraged many farmers. Then the rain came back but it was a bit late. For those who sowed at that time, the seedlings did not reach maturity, so the groundnuts and maize did

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The impact of global warming in Bandafassi, Senegal, January 2022

This is a picture of the impact of global warming on the environment as this area in the picture was thick with trees five years ago. Trees such as Baobab, Kapok trees and Cailcedrat are the trees that have almost disappeared. Bush fires and timber cutting have devastated and impacted on rainfall. One of the consequences of this climate change

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“Fonio harvest in Bandafassi, Senegal”, November 2021

Here we have a young man who went to harvest the fonio. He’s mowing the fonio and putting it down. The others are going to take it to tie it up. I also have another video which shows the young people picking up what they have cut to tie it up.


“Fonio farming in Bandafassi, Senegal”, May 2021

Fonio is one of the cereals whose cultivation is essential in West African food agriculture. Shelling this small cereal is a time-consuming task, traditionally carried out by women.


“The Workshop in Bandafassi, Senegal: Highlights”, May 2021

Video montages of highlights from the Watigeuleya Kèlê programme workshop in Bandafassi. Visit to the Ethiour village in Bandafassi (Senegal)​ Statements on the Bandafassi workshop (Senegal)​ Reporting on the Bandafassi workshop (Senegal)​