We are descendants of Fakoly, our parents left Bougouni to come here. There are two Sissoko clans: the Sissoko koromagan and the Sissoko Fakoly. We are blacksmiths. We’ve been blacksmiths since our ances

tors and we make hoes, knives, etc. Other blacksmiths make jewellery, others dugout canoes, others braids.

Forge wood has become scarce. You have to travel about 20km to find a tree, but if you don’t have authorisation, you’ll be arrested by the water and forestry officials. Even though iron is cheaper, the rise in the price of wood means that the blacksmith’s craft is disappearing.

As times are hard and our raw material, iron, has become too expensive, our women make pottery, but their business is not going well either. So we turned to farming.


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