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The cutting of the roast tree (Bougarila, Mali), February 2023

Deforestation exacerbates the effects of climate change, and impacts people’s food security (reduced access to fruit). However, in the short term, cutting down trees provides essential services to local communities, particularly for construction. To avoid having to cut down the roast tree, whose fruit is edible and which grows slowly, the villagers of Bougarila have turned to another species for

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The disappearance of forge wood (Banzana, Mali), February 2023

We are descendants of Fakoly, our parents left Bougouni to come here. There are two Sissoko clans: the Sissoko koromagan and the Sissoko Fakoly. We are blacksmiths. We’ve been blacksmiths since our ances tors and we make hoes, knives, etc. Other blacksmiths make jewellery, others dugout canoes, others braids. Forge wood has become scarce. You have to travel about 20km

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