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Improved stoves in Bouillagui (Senegal), April 2021

The woman in the video started using the improved stove about 20 years ago. Her mother used improved stoves for cooking. It helps them to save wood because there is not enough in the forest.With the improved fireplace, two pieces of wood are enough to cook several dishes.   Since the introduction of the improved fireplace, there have been changes.

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Third training workshop for village communication relays, 28 February to 3 March 2022, Damaro (Guinea)

The third workshop of the Watigueleya Kélê project took place in Damaro, Guinea, from Monday 28 February to Thursday 3 March 2022. The workshop focused on theatre as a means of raising awareness about the effects of climate change. The objective was to train village communication relays to develop and perform skits on the theme of climate resilience, so that

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