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Lack of water in the lowlands (Damaro, Guinea), March 2022

Tenen Sangare explains that she has two types of difficulties in the lowlands: the cows and the lack of water. The cows are free in this dry season and come to graze in her field. The lack of water too: they suffer a lot. If there is no water in a lowland, the production cannot be good.   She can’t afford

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Drying up of water points (Bandafassi, Senegal), May 2021 

“I don’t know if you know the place there, the place called Kuga. We used to draw water from there, but now there is no water. The old people who used to live here say that people used to draw water from there, but look at today, there’s not even any water. It’s amazing. Even if you dig, you can’t

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A water basin to water a garden in Banzana (Mali), May 2022

“I live in the Kayes region, my name is Djibril Sidibé, my village is called Banzana in the commune of liberté Dembaya. I am a gardener, you see my mango trees, the only reason why the trees do not give enough fruit is the lack of water!   I dug a well in my garden but I only started again

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Water and well management in Banzana (Mali), May 2022

“My name is Fatoumata, I come from Banzana. What I said about the pump applies to the well. Our grandparents used to go to the Kamankolé river, 5 km from Banzana, to get water. They used to go on foot in the morning and only came back in the afternoon, and this water was used for all the household chores.

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The lack of water in Mandou (Guinea), April 2021

“My name is Assata Camara, a citizen of Mandou. We came to the marigot to wash our clothes. As you can see, it is the lack of water that sent us to the marigot here, even if the water is dirty and red, we are obliged to wash our clothes with it.   – What caused the lack of water?

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Access to water for herders in Wassadou, Senegal, February 2022

This report reflects the daily life of the pastoralists of Wassadou. They face the same difficulties in accessing water as the women in some areas of the small village on the national road in the Tambacounda region. By: Adama Dansokho Households and difficulties in accessing drinking water Wassadou, Senegal, February 2022 Women face enormous difficulties in accessing drinking water. The

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