“I live in the Kayes region, my name is Djibril Sidibé, my village is called Banzana in the commune of liberté Dembaya.
I am a gardener, you see my mango trees, the only reason why the trees do not give enough fruit is the lack of water!  
I dug a well in my garden but I only started again in June otherwise the well would dry up. I dug this basin to collect water whenever the well allows me to, so I let the well fill up for 2 or 3 days and during this time I use the water from the basin to water the trees so that they can withstand the heat and the harmattan of Kayes, which is a particularly hot area.  
When the well is dry, I use the water I reserve in the basin for 3 to 5 days to water in the meantime. When the water level in the basin drops, I refill it with the motor that draws the water. Sometimes the water drawn by the motor for 3 days does not fill this pond because the well does not give enough water.  
It could give more water of course, but I can’t afford to dig it again to deepen it to get all the water I need.  

“”How did I get the idea to dig this pond?  
{On my own}, it came from the fact that it would be impossible to draw water from the well with my hands for my plants, the garden is too big for that. I was helped with a motor that I installed on the well, but the water from the well is not enough so I had to dig a basin to store the water so that the well would have time to recharge with water. When I fill the basin I use its water for three or four days for watering and during that time the well fills up. Once it is full, the water in the pond has been used up for the plants and I draw water to refill the pond.  
I need four such ponds in this garden, all the difficulties I have are water related. If I can find a solution to this problem, everything will be fine. If I had four such ponds in this garden, each pond would water the plants on its side, but there is no water. The garden is big and I can’t water everything with my two arms, I have to use the pond! 
par Adama Traoré


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