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The lack of water in Mandou (Guinea), April 2021

“My name is Assata Camara, a citizen of Mandou. We came to the marigot to wash our clothes. As you can see, it is the lack of water that sent us to the marigot here, even if the water is dirty and red, we are obliged to wash our clothes with it.   – What caused the lack of water?

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Mutual aid groups during the rice harvest, Mandou, Guinea, October 2021

The mutual aid group in the field of an inhabitant of Mandou during the rice harvest in the presence of the village delegate of Mandou, Moussa Camara. It is October and there has been no rain for a fortnight already. The youth are getting organised to help the owner of the field to face the challenges of climate change.   


Fencing for cattle pens in Mandou, Guinea, November 2021

I am Amadou Camara, president of the Mandou district. I made this pen with fencing to keep my cattle, goats and sheep safe. This was only possible thanks to the financial support of my children. So I fenced off my grazing area.  The importance of this fence is to protect my cattle:  I have lost more than ten oxen in

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“A new rice variety in Mandou (Guinea)” November 2021

These farmers in Mandou are harvesting a short-lived rice variety, about three months like fonio, because of climate change. With the old variety the rains stopped before it matured, causing huge losses. However, with the new variety they harvest it on time.  


“Adapting the ploughing calendar in Mandou, Guinea”, May 2021

Bangaly Camara, a villager from Mandou, says in this video that he starts ploughing at the beginning of May because he was surprised by the lack of rain last year. Everything that was cultivated in April will be harvested in water, so he is starting to plough now so that he can harvest it in 3 to 4 months. The

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“The drying of the river in Mandou “, (Guinea) – April 2021

“My name is Kanibooi Ibrahaima Camara, the elder of Mandou village. We are in the bed of the Farako stream where we practised our rituals, we did not cut wood here, we did not fish, even the children did not dare to enter here because the forest was so dense. This river, which is now drying up, used to have

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