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Artisanal fishing by women (Mandou, Guinea), February 2023

Not only is there a scarcity of water in the marigots, but there is also a lack of drinking water in the villages. The same marigots are used for housework and now for fishing. Néré bark is put in the marigot (it’s a poison to catch fish), which makes the water unusable and cloudy, but the families still need the

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The pond in Monzona, November-January 2021

The village of Monzona is going to present an example of the climate change effets that the village has experienced, as well as the solution found by its inhabitants to slow its progression. You see this pond, back in the 2000s, it was vast, deep and never dried up. Both sides were thick with trees, there were all kinds of

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“A spoilt pond in Damaro, Guinea”, May 2021

Kalil Camara, a farmer in Damaro, says: “Here the place is called ‘kônongroun’, this marigot is spoiled, the water was very deep, but look, you can even jump on it. The fish have gone, all the young people from the village of Damaro-centre used to come to wash there, to learn to swim, but because of the heat, it has

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“The water problem in Bouiguarila: different initiatives to compensate for the lack of water” (Mali) – April 2021

A village dam to fight against water shortage: “We made this dam with stones. We assembled the stones, this part is hollow. The water comes from up there, goes down and arrives here. To find a solution to the water problem, we made a joint decision to create this dam so that not all the water in the river would

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