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Plaiting straw for the roofs of huts (Damaro, Guinea), February 2023

This is the preliminary work for roofing the hut. He braids the straw, complaining about the poor quality of the straw: because of the early fires that burn everything, because of the scarcity of water, they are forced to use straw in this state to cover their huts during the rainy season. Real straw has disappeared because of climate change,

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Lack of water in the lowlands (Damaro, Guinea), March 2022

Tenen Sangare explains that she has two types of difficulties in the lowlands: the cows and the lack of water. The cows are free in this dry season and come to graze in her field. The lack of water too: they suffer a lot. If there is no water in a lowland, the production cannot be good.   She can’t afford

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Farabolon, the place of circumcision (Damaro, Guinea), October 2022

This place is called Farabolon. I, who am talking to you now, was circumcised here. This is a place of circumcision. I spent three months here with friends. We slept here, we spent the day here, nobody went back to the village during the whole circumcision period. It was our parents who came to bring us food. The men were

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“A spoilt pond in Damaro, Guinea”, May 2021

Kalil Camara, a farmer in Damaro, says: “Here the place is called ‘kônongroun’, this marigot is spoiled, the water was very deep, but look, you can even jump on it. The fish have gone, all the young people from the village of Damaro-centre used to come to wash there, to learn to swim, but because of the heat, it has

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“The seasonal wellsx”, Damaro (Guinea) – April 2021

“Most of the wells are seasonal due to climate change, which causes the dry season to be prolonged. The women, girls and boys, very early in the morning, in single file, go in order of arrival, with the help of a well, to fill their canister before the sun is blazing and empties the well.” Mariam Camara 


Un baptême à Damaro (Guinée)

Le baptême (dénabö, en konianké ; den : l’enfant) est une cérémonie qui a lieu au septième jour de l’enfant. On donne publiquement un nom à l’enfant à travers l’imam. Les parents se concertent auparavant pour choisir un nom en référence à un membre de l’entourage ou bien un aïeul. Les deux homonymes deviennent aussitôt membres de la famille de l’un et de

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