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“Fonio farming in Bandafassi, Senegal”, May 2021

Fonio is one of the cereals whose cultivation is essential in West African food agriculture. Shelling this small cereal is a time-consuming task, traditionally carried out by women.


“A rice field in Wassadou, Senegal” by Adama Dansokho and Fatou Diallo, May 2021

This is a rice field that fills up with water during the rainy season, making it impossible to grow rice. It has remained unused for two years because the water that remains in it causes the plants to rot.


” Vegetable farming and water problems ” by Koné Famakan, Banzana (Mali) – April 2021

Interview with Koné Famakan “Nowadays, there is no more rain, so our crops are lost. We love farming but if the harvest is not good because of the drought, it is discouraging. Rain is no longer enough, so we grow crops for our daily needs in order to survive the hard times, such as sweet potatoes, banankou, fruit trees and

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