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Harvesting and shelling maize in Monzona, Mali, November 2021

Despite the poor rainfall, the villagers were able to achieve a good yield, thanks to the use of local fertiliser. With local fertiliser, the seeds are more resistant to drought than with chemical fertiliser.


“Fertilising maize fields in Monzona (Mali)”, November 2021

Here we see one of the maize fields in Monzona. We fertilise the soil of the maize fields with local fertiliser made from cow dung and other animals that come to spend the dry season in our fields, which are over five hectares in size, to leave their dung. It is only animals that can fertilise this crop land, our

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“The conservation of corn”, Monzona (Mali) – April 2021

At the end of the harvest, the maize is cut. The most beautiful, largest and fullest maize is selected. They are tied up and put on tree branches. During the winter, they are detached and used for cultivation. In the past, white maize was grown, but now it is yellow maize. Yellow maize is richer in vitamins than white maize,

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