“Fertilising maize fields in Monzona (Mali)”, November 2021

Here we see one of the maize fields in Monzona. We fertilise the soil of the maize fields with local fertiliser made from cow dung and other animals that come to spend the dry season in our fields, which are over five hectares in size, to leave their dung. It is only animals that can fertilise this crop land, our own animals and animals from Senegal and Mauritania. They come here for three (03) to four (04) months. There are sheep, goats and oxen. This helps us to improve the growth and increase the yield and quality of our crops. We don’t use chemical fertilizers in our fields, only local fertilizer.

Despite the poor rainfall, the villagers were able to achieve a good yield, thanks to the use of local fertiliser. With local fertilizer, the seeds withstand the drought better than with chemical fertilizer.

By Mariam Coulibaly


  • Mariam Coulibaly

    Je m’appelle Mariam Coulibaly âgée de 45 ans, je suis ménagère et déléguée villageoise de mon village Monzona dans la région de Kayes.

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