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The pond in Monzona, November-January 2021

The village of Monzona is going to present an example of the climate change effets that the village has experienced, as well as the solution found by its inhabitants to slow its progression. You see this pond, back in the 2000s, it was vast, deep and never dried up. Both sides were thick with trees, there were all kinds of

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“Fertilising maize fields in Monzona (Mali)”, November 2021

Here we see one of the maize fields in Monzona. We fertilise the soil of the maize fields with local fertiliser made from cow dung and other animals that come to spend the dry season in our fields, which are over five hectares in size, to leave their dung. It is only animals that can fertilise this crop land, our

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“Fertilizing the soil in Bougarila and Monzona, Mali”, May 2021

Natural fertilisation of soils with animal or plant waste is widely practised, but different techniques can be used, for example to treat the fertiliser used or to save human labour. Natural soil fertilisation in Bougarila (Mali) Report by Gaussou They make the cows stop in the field so that when they defecate on the spot, it will serve as natural

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