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The cutting of the roast tree (Bougarila, Mali), February 2023

Deforestation exacerbates the effects of climate change, and impacts people’s food security (reduced access to fruit). However, in the short term, cutting down trees provides essential services to local communities, particularly for construction. To avoid having to cut down the roast tree, whose fruit is edible and which grows slowly, the villagers of Bougarila have turned to another species for

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Protecting a palm tree in Bouillagui (Mali), February 2023

This report is about our classified forest. It’s a very important forest for us in Bouillagui, covering an area of more than 15 km. It is home to a palm tree specie known as the “rônier”. This is the most useful tree in Boullagui, with the trunks used for construction (roofing) and the branches used to make baskets. Around thirty

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Income-generating activities for women (Monzona, Mali), February 2023

If the season is not good, the women of Monzona resort to activities such as making brooms, sponges, traditional toothbrushes and baobab fruit to sell and support themselves. The sponge is made from the branches of the roan tree, which the women fetch from the bush. These activities make up for the lack of profitability due to a bad winter.

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Stakes of the roast tree harvest in Bougarila (Mali), August 2022

The work of cutting down roast trees is due to the difficulties faced by the people of the village. Once a roast tree is cut down, it doesn’t grow back, even though the fruits of these trees help to fight hunger in the country. If you cut it down when you are in trouble, you will have to go and

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