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Protecting a palm tree in Bouillagui (Mali), February 2023

This report is about our classified forest. It’s a very important forest for us in Bouillagui, covering an area of more than 15 km. It is home to a palm tree specie known as the “rônier”. This is the most useful tree in Boullagui, with the trunks used for construction (roofing) and the branches used to make baskets. Around thirty

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Preservation of the Nakotou forest, around Damaro, Guinea, November 2021

Ansoumane Camara in the Nakotou forest, one and a half kilometres from Damaro centre. From now on, when a tree is cut down (for a funeral or other reason), the community obliges to reforest in the forest, in return. This forest has always existed and the climate is very mild. The aim is to reforest the whole of Damaro.