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The colonial stone road Kerouané / Beyla (Damaro, Guinée), October 2022

This stone-marked road through Diarakendou linked Kerouané to Beyla during the colonial era. It was a path that could be followed on horseback. The stones are still visible today and their alignment is still more or less visible depending on the place. They cross the forest which keeps the memory of this road.


The story of the ‘pregnant’ kapok tree in the Diarakendou forest (Aguibou Sow, CIRD, Damaro, Guinea), February 2022

Mandiou Camara is under the kapok tree of Fatamantou: “Fatamantou is the place where Fataman used to hide. Fataman was a protective genie and that’s where the kapok tree grew. Before, our ancestors came to worship Fataman under this kapok tree by making offerings of chicken, white bread and kola. Fataman fulfilled all their wishes. But since the arrival of

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Preservation of the Nakotou forest, around Damaro, Guinea, November 2021

Ansoumane Camara in the Nakotou forest, one and a half kilometres from Damaro centre. From now on, when a tree is cut down (for a funeral or other reason), the community obliges to reforest in the forest, in return. This forest has always existed and the climate is very mild. The aim is to reforest the whole of Damaro.