In 1914, a tree called roast tree was discovered in Bouillagui by a hunter called Boubou yaguè (“Boubou the honey seeker”).

In those days, the forest of Bouillagui had only this tree. There was famine, and it was with the nuts of this tree that our parents fed themselves.

The nuts were delicious, but they were also used as a traditional medicine against stomach aches.

The tree is beginning to disappear from the forests because people are secretly cutting it down to make roofing for houses and chairs with stems etc.

But thanks to the resilience of the people of Bouillagui, a solution has been found to revalorise this very rich heritage which could be of great use to the inhabitants of the village.

Two years ago, at the approach of the rainy season, all the villagers went out for a week to dig holes in various hectares of the forest before the rains came to sow nuts again.

Young roast trees started to grow and now the Bouillagui forest is rich in roast trees thanks to the resilience of the population. It has become a consumable food for the villagers again.


  • Association Donkosira
  • Diangou Diakité

    Je m’appelle Diangou Diakité, je viens de Bouillagui (Mali). J’ai 23 ans. J’ai cinq enfants. Je suis conseillère municipale à la mairie de Guidimakha Kerrikaffo. Je fais partie de l’association des femmes de l’ADEMA-PASJ (Alliance pour la démocratie au Mali – Partie africain pour la solidarité et la justice) pour plaider la cause des femmes au sein de la commune.

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