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Tambacounda Advocacy Workshop (Senegal), January 2023

From 9 to 12 January 2023, an advocacy workshop organised within the framework of the Watigueleya Kêlé project took place in Tambacounda (Senegal). This workshop brought together delegates from the three Senegalese villages participating in the project (Bandafassi, Boulacounda, and Wassadou-Dépôt), supervised by the Donkosira team, and the advocacy expert Illia Djadi. The objective of the workshop was to strengthen

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Access to water for herders in Wassadou, Senegal, February 2022

This report reflects the daily life of the pastoralists of Wassadou. They face the same difficulties in accessing water as the women in some areas of the small village on the national road in the Tambacounda region. By: Adama Dansokho Households and difficulties in accessing drinking water Wassadou, Senegal, February 2022 Women face enormous difficulties in accessing drinking water. The

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Straw weaving in Wassadou, January 2022

What are you doing with this straw?  I am weaving it to sell it.  You cut the grass to weave and then sell it to have something to eat with the family?  Yes, that’s exactly it.  We don’t know about zinc roofs, only straw roofs. I have no money for zinc roofs because life is too hard. No money, it’s

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“Vegetable saleswoman at the weekly market of Wassadou”, (Senegal) – May 2021

“For us, this is what can help us, we go to Tamba to sell some goods and on the way back we buy some market garden produce to sell here, especially during Ramadan.  This year we were lucky, they didn’t close the market, otherwise it was a nightmare. It is this activity that allows us to help our husbands who

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