Straw weaving in Wassadou, January 2022

What are you doing with this straw? 

I am weaving it to sell it. 

You cut the grass to weave and then sell it to have something to eat with the family? 

Yes, that’s exactly it. 

We don’t know about zinc roofs, only straw roofs. I have no money for zinc roofs because life is too hard. No money, it’s the daily expenses that worry us with illnesses and lots of other things that we have to deal with at the same time. All the time we have to take the children to hospital, it’s not easy at all.

So we have to cut straw, weave it and then sell it to find food. If we can’t provide the three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), we can eat once a day and that’s better than having an empty stomach all day.

The practice of weaving has links to climate change. Climate change has led to a decline in agricultural production to the extent that farmers are forced to engage in alternative activities in the dry season in order to support their families. Crops are depleted before the next rains arrive.

by Fatou Diallo


  • Fatou Diallo

    Je m’appelle Fatou Diallo, je viens de village Wassadou dépôt, sur la Route Nationale 6, dans la région de Tambacounda, à l’est du Sénégal.

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