Fatou Diallo


Straw weaving in Wassadou, January 2022

What are you doing with this straw?  I am weaving it to sell it.  You cut the grass to weave and then sell it to have something to eat with the family?  Yes, that’s exactly it.  We don’t know about zinc roofs, only straw roofs. I have no money for zinc roofs because life is too hard. No money, it’s

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“The groundnut harvest in Wassadou, Senegal” by Adama Dansokho and Fatou Diallo, October 2021

At the end of October, the groundnuts are dug up by grouping the dug-up plants into small piles and leaving them to dry under the sun. In November, these piles are grouped together in a very large heap. After this work, the heap is threshed with sticks and the seeds are separated from the hay.


“A rice field in Wassadou, Senegal”, May 2021

This is a rice field that fills up with water during the rainy season, making it impossible to grow rice. It has remained unused for two years because the water that remains in it causes the plants to rot.