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Mutual aid groups during the rice harvest, Mandou, Guinea, October 2021

The mutual aid group in the field of an inhabitant of Mandou during the rice harvest in the presence of the village delegate of Mandou, Moussa Camara. It is October and there has been no rain for a fortnight already. The youth are getting organised to help the owner of the field to face the challenges of climate change.   


Harvesting baobab leaves in Bougarila, November 2021

The use of endogenous resources is one of the means of resilience to climate change. For example, the inhabitants of Bougarila harvest the leaves of the baobab tree. The men harvest the baobab leaves from the tree. The harvested leaves are then dried in the sun and crushed by the women. The powder obtained is used in cooking.


“The groundnut harvest in Wassadou, Senegal” by Adama Dansokho and Fatou Diallo, October 2021

At the end of October, the groundnuts are dug up by grouping the dug-up plants into small piles and leaving them to dry under the sun. In November, these piles are grouped together in a very large heap. After this work, the heap is threshed with sticks and the seeds are separated from the hay.


“The conservation of corn”, Monzona (Mali) – April 2021

At the end of the harvest, the maize is cut. The most beautiful, largest and fullest maize is selected. They are tied up and put on tree branches. During the winter, they are detached and used for cultivation. In the past, white maize was grown, but now it is yellow maize. Yellow maize is richer in vitamins than white maize,

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La récolte du riz organisée par le tomboroma (Damaro, Guinée)

On ne peut pas récolter le riz tout seul dans un grand champ : le propriétaire informe le tomboroma pour demander de l’aide pour sa récolte. Le tomboroma, après la prière du vendredi, donne rendez-vous à tous les jeunes sous le manguier pour la tenue d’un travail public, généralement le dimanche. C’est un travail sans rémunération, les jeunes sont uniquement nourris par le propriétaire

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Ansou Biaye fabrique les entonnoirs pour la récolte du vin de palme (Agnack)

La fabrication des entonnoirs pour la récolte du vin de palme Vidéo par René Mané Les entonnoirs servent à diriger la sève du palmier dans les bouteilles, pour récolter le vin de palme. On les fabrique avec les feuilles du palmier. Kréol: Manera di kumpo siñaaka Siñaaka, yelkita paa a santa y agu di palmera na garafa, pa ibembi da biiñu di

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