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The Watigueleya Kêlè village tour (October 2023)

To encourage the sharing of experiences initiated in the various workshops of the Watigueleya Kêlè project (Climate Resilience in West Africa), the Donkosira association organised a village tour from 3-5 October 2023 in the villages of Banzana and Monzona (Mali). It brought together village delegates from Damaro, Mandou and Bossoko (Guinea), Bougarila, Bouillagui, Monzona and Banzana (Mali) and Missirah Tabadiang,

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Usawa game launched in Nairobi (September 2023)

After a year’s work by the artistic and technical teams of the ‘Gaming against slavery’ project, split between Mali, Senegal, Kenya, the UK and France, a first version of the game was launched in Nairobi on 30 September 2023! The launch took place at the Game Centre in Nairobi, and was attended by around thirty people (developers, artists, bloggers, etc.).

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“Vegetable saleswoman at the weekly market of Wassadou”, (Senegal) – May 2021

“For us, this is what can help us, we go to Tamba to sell some goods and on the way back we buy some market garden produce to sell here, especially during Ramadan.  This year we were lucky, they didn’t close the market, otherwise it was a nightmare. It is this activity that allows us to help our husbands who

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