Deforestation exacerbates the effects of climate change, and impacts people’s food security (reduced access to fruit). However, in the short term, cutting down trees provides essential services to local communities, particularly for construction. To avoid having to cut down the roast tree, whose fruit is edible and which grows slowly, the villagers of Bougarila have turned to another species for their building needs.

This task involves cutting down the roast tree. People cut down roast trees to use the wood. But once a roast tree is cut down, it doesn’t grow again, whereas its fruit helps to combat hunger in the country. If you cut it down, you will be obliged to go and look for it elsewhere in order to alleviate hunger and find something to eat.

So, to replace the roan tree, we plant its bark, but it can take years to grow – around 100 years. This is very slow for the survival of a human being.

The idea we’ve come up with and put into practice is to carry out small-scale work. There are very long trees called match trees. As they grow very quickly, we reforest these trees. We cut them down and use them to make roofs for our houses, but we also use them as electricity poles.


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