The change in rainfall at Bandafassi is a crucial issue in terms of climate resilience, particularly in terms of adapting the sowing calendar. Fonio is sown according to anticipated rainfall, which sometimes turns out to be wrong, with significant effects on yield.

This video shows the different stages in the fonio harvest in our villages. This is the harvesting of a fonio field that was not profitable.

This is because the fonio was sown a little late, hoping that the rain would continue until mid-October, but this was not the case. As a result, the fonio did not ripen at the same time, even though it was sown at the same time. The field did not produce a good crop.

In this video, we are extracting the fonio seeds from the stalks.

After the men have cut the fonio with sickles, we women come and extract it with our feet or beat it to put it in the attic.


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