The Watigueleya Kêlè village tour (October 2023)

To encourage the sharing of experiences initiated in the various workshops of the Watigueleya Kêlè project (Climate Resilience in West Africa), the Donkosira association organised a village tour from 3-5 October 2023 in the villages of Banzana and Monzona (Mali). It brought together village delegates from Damaro, Mandou and Bossoko (Guinea), Bougarila, Bouillagui, Monzona and Banzana (Mali) and Missirah Tabadiang, Wassadou and Bandafassi (Senegal).
The aim of the meeting was to deepen the sharing of local knowledge on equitable resilience to climate change in West Africa. After the customary greetings to local notables and authorities, the villagers took part in a number of activities. A tour of the agricultural facilities and a presentation of the improved seeds at Monzona and Banzana were organised. Delegates from other villages contributed their knowledge of other seeds not used locally. This activity was of vital importance in identifying additional local knowledge likely to improve the resilience of communities in the face of environmental change.

The evenings spent on site were devoted to performances of the sketches prepared during the theatre workshop organised in Damaro, followed by dances and question-and-answer sessions on the community’s perception of the effects of climate change and the local solutions provided. Finally, a villager from the project provided training in the construction of improved fireplaces, with detailed explanations of construction techniques and practical examples.

The villagers present took a very active part, and the exchange of knowledge was fruitful and mutual. The technique of building improved fireplaces was well assimilated, and will be disseminated in the various communities by the participants.
This village tour was the final activity of the Watigueleya Kêlè project, which brought together academic, community and village partners over a four-year period. Beyond shared moments , the knowledge gathered, promoted and exchanged is a crucial tool for supporting adaptation to climate change and fostering equitable community resilience.


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