This report reflects the daily life of the pastoralists of Wassadou. They face the same difficulties in accessing water as the women in some areas of the small village on the national road in the Tambacounda region.

By: Adama Dansokho

Households and difficulties in accessing drinking water Wassadou, Senegal, February 2022

Women face enormous difficulties in accessing drinking water. The water from the borehole is not accessible to all parts of the village. So the women all gather around the few wells to get drinking water. The herders face the same difficulties.

By: Adama Dansokho



  • Adama Dansokho

    Femme de ménage et commerçante, Adama Dansokho habite Wassadou dépôt un village situé sur la route nationale numéro 6 dans la région de Tambacounda à l’est du Sénégal.

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