The pond in Monzona, November-January 2021

The village of Monzona is going to present an example of the climate change effets that the village has experienced, as well as the solution found by its inhabitants to slow its progression. You see this pond, back in the 2000s, it was vast, deep and never dried up. Both sides were thick with trees, there were all kinds of fish and crocodiles. Now, the small area you see only holds water in the first quarter of the year. The rest of the time it dries up completely.

To get water, you have to dig wells. 

Here is the result of the digging of the marigot by the youth of Monzona on 5 May 2021. Just after the rainy season, this pond was drying up quickly. This year we hope to keep the water for a long time, thanks to the efforts of the youth. This is a solution to fight against climate change.

Par Boubacar Diakité et Mariam Coulibaly


  • Boubacar Diakité

    Je m’appelle Boubacar Diakité. Je fais partie du groupe Donkosira. Je viens du Mali, précisément à Kayes, commune rurale de Sadiola. Mon village s’appelle Monzona. Je suis né le 24 octobre 1964.

  • Mariam Coulibaly

    Je m’appelle Mariam Coulibaly âgée de 45 ans, je suis ménagère et déléguée villageoise de mon village Monzona dans la région de Kayes.

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