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The songs of agricultural work in Mali, February 2023

The villagers taking part in the Watigueleya Kele programme have collected a number of songs that accompany farm work. More or less recent, they punctuate the collective work, encourage the workers and sometimes express their concerns and hopes.   Song (Bouillagui) waxati kigné ono soxano dema hakheti sou iwa soukho teni noxo: soxé ni gollè mounafante nia   kha khotenie,

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Praise for the fastest grower (Bossoko, Guinea), February 2023

In collective cultures, we celebrate the hero among all the men in the village, the one who works the fastest and the best. He is the hero of the day. At home, in the evening, the reward for the hero is the head of the ram that has been killed for the community. The head is handed over to him,

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The Carapa procera, Guinea, July 2023

The West-African indigenous tree, Carapa procera has multiple properties with huge potential for increasing rural communities’ climate resilience. The oil of Carapa procera nuts are notably used in traditional medicine and for cosmetics. In Upper Guinea, Carapa procera is also used as a wildfire breaker solution. Wildfire reduction is crucial to increase food security, biodiversity and habitat protection and sustain

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Wells and market gardens (Damaro, Guinea), February 2023

Khadija and Mawa talk about their working conditions in the fields: “There’s nothing, the poverty is there. We can’t survive without growing vegetables, but because of the lack of water, it’s very difficult. If you grow your own vegetables, you can use the market to help your family. When I dug the well, I was able to get water, so

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Tale (Bossoko, Guinea), February 2023

Fatoumata Camara narrates : Ntoly kélén né  Kablan va massakè lémé  Wélé ni massakègbèrè léna diana  Wéléna a démousso dina a dougnô kè o ma  Massakè na adémousso wélé lala djélimousso démbaty tè, kata di adougnèkè massakè oma  Djélimousso wélé tani kognô koura malôdia  Ana massakè ako yen mekèla, akafô dini gnè, ko ni akafô, ko alélé kognô koura lé,

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Bush fires in Bougarila (Mali), February 2023

The crops in this millet field were dry due to the lack of rain. Bush fires devastated the rest. These bush fires can be factors or phenomena that can cause famine. Thanks to fire prevention techniques, this farmer’s field escaped the devastating effects of the bush fires. Part of his field burnt down completely and the other part escaped the

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A song of encouragement for farmers (Banzana, Mali), February 2023

Lyrics: The field is completely ploughed, shame on the farmer’s enemy. The field is completely ploughed by the young braves of the village, shame on the enemies of the village. The fields are ploughed, Ousmane Sidibé shame on your enemy. The field is completely ploughed, shame on your enemy! The field is completely ploughed, peul Djibril shame on your enemy!

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Market gardening in Damaro (Guinea), February 2023

Ibrahima Camara introduces himself. He deplores the fact that young people are currently more interested in mining than farming: he has a labour problem recruiting workers, since everyone is currently working in the mines. The second problem is climate change, which is disrupting his agricultural calendar, since the dry season is now longer than the rainy season, which was not

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Erosion control in Monzona (Mali), May 2022

This is how the village of Monzona (Mali) fights against erosion of the crop fields. As you can see in the photos and video, pebbles are placed next to each other, obliquely, according to the direction of the flowing water. The lines of stones are placed ten (10) metres apart.


“Fonio farming in Bandafassi, Senegal”, May 2021

Fonio is one of the cereals whose cultivation is essential in West African food agriculture. Shelling this small cereal is a time-consuming task, traditionally carried out by women.