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Wells and market gardens (Damaro, Guinea), February 2023

Khadija and Mawa talk about their working conditions in the fields: “There’s nothing, the poverty is there. We can’t survive without growing vegetables, but because of the lack of water, it’s very difficult. If you grow your own vegetables, you can use the market to help your family. When I dug the well, I was able to get water, so

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Lack of drinking water in Missirah Tabadiang (Senegal), February 2023

This photo, which shows a donkey pulling water, clearly shows the depth of the well and illustrates the problem of the lack of water and especially drinking water in the village of Missirah Tabadiang. The well is over 35m deep. Water is drawn directly from the well for personal consumption, but a donkey is needed to draw water for livestock.

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