The crops in this millet field were dry due to the lack of rain. Bush fires devastated the rest. These bush fires can be factors or phenomena that can cause famine.

Thanks to fire prevention techniques, this farmer’s field escaped the devastating effects of the bush fires. Part of his field burnt down completely and the other part escaped the flames thanks to this technique. The technique itself consists of leaving empty spaces between the plots; once the fire reaches this space, it is automatically extinguished because there is no grass.

We’re fighting bush fires because they cause too much damage. If we didn’t get involved, our animals wouldn’t have anything to eat and often our crops would go up in smoke. We can’t just sit back and watch this problem unfold without taking action.

I chose this theme to fight against drought and take action to protect the environment. These fires are caused by logging, which in turn is caused by unemployment. The woodcutters burn the grass, which leads to bush fires and the disappearance of certain animal species (pigs, monkeys, panthers). The solutions found have been to build firebreaks and use tree branches to put out the fires.


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