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Wintering and preparations for wintering (Banzana, Mali), February 2023

Wintering (the rainy season) is an important period in agricultural activity, when the rains invigorate the fields and make them fertile. Unfortunately, because of climate change and irregular and decreasing rainfall, crops suffer from drought, producing poor harvests that do not allow farmers to make a living. Faced with these difficulties, villagers have had to adapt their farming practices in

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Bush fires in Bougarila (Mali), February 2023

The crops in this millet field were dry due to the lack of rain. Bush fires devastated the rest. These bush fires can be factors or phenomena that can cause famine. Thanks to fire prevention techniques, this farmer’s field escaped the devastating effects of the bush fires. Part of his field burnt down completely and the other part escaped the

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” Vegetable farming and water problems “, Banzana (Mali) – April 2021

Interview with Famakan Koné “Nowadays, there is no more rain, so our crops are lost. We love farming but if the harvest is not good because of the drought, it is discouraging. Rain is no longer enough, so we grow crops for our daily needs in order to survive the hard times, such as sweet potatoes, banankou, fruit trees and

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