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Growing okra in Bossoko, Guinea, November 2021

I am talking about agriculture: the cultivation of okra. Before, we used to grow long-lasting crops. For reasons of climate change and lack of water, I turned to okra, which lasts only two months and two weeks. Okra is useful in the sense that we eat it fresh, dry, with rice, fonio, to (food made from cassava). Once ground, we

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Sougban: a medicinal plant with multiple virtues in Bossoko, Guinea, November 2021

I am talking about this plant which is called “Sougban” in our language because it is in danger of extinction due to climate change. Yet it is a very effective plant in the treatment of malaria. It treats stomach aches and certain skin infections, it facilitates childbirth for pregnant women and above all its leaves are delicious in sauce. That’s

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“Solar panels in Bossoko: an alternative to deforestation in Bokoso, Guinea”, November 2021

I am Mamadi Keita. These solar panels are a relief for us because the ban on cutting wood of any size in the forest had created conflicts in the village. The solar panels have drastically reduced the use of wood, especially for lighting the houses. Today, with a panel, we at least have light in the house and in the

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“Bokossoni River in Bossoko”, (Guinea) – April 2021

“This river is called “Bossokôni”, hence the name of the village of Bossokô. But today, one can neither wash clothes nor drink from it. Bossokô is engaged in artisanal gold mining. Despite the negative effect of climate change, the degradation of the environment of Bossokô is due to certain anthropic activities. This river is full of history, which tends to

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