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Local migration due to lack of water in Ethiouar (Bandafassi, Senegal), March 2021

We are in Iden Karfa, in the Etuar district, in Bandafassi. This water point used to be used as a drinking water source for the people of this neighbourhood, in this case the Bédik people. Ten years ago, the water remained here until November-December. Today, we see that at the end of October, beginning of November, the water runs dry.

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The difficulties in agriculture in Bougarilla (Mali), April 2021

Interview with the village chief of Bougarilla “In your village, what difficulties have you encountered in the area of agriculture over the last 10 years?”  “In our village, here, the difficulty we encounter in the field of agriculture is the poverty of the cultivable soil: if the soil is not fertile the yield will not be satisfactory. And if you

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Newsletter #2, Introduction

Dear Readers, The team of the Watigueleya Kèlê action-research programme is pleased to present the latest activities carried out to understand and enhance local resilience strategies in the face of socio-ecological stresses and disasters in Mali, Senegal and Guinea. We would like to dedicate this newsletter to Lanciné Camara, a village member of the programme who unfortunately passed away recently.

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“Bokossoni River in Bossoko”, (Guinea) – April 2021

“This river is called “Bossokôni”, hence the name of the village of Bossokô. But today, one can neither wash clothes nor drink from it. Bossokô is engaged in artisanal gold mining. Despite the negative effect of climate change, the degradation of the environment of Bossokô is due to certain anthropic activities. This river is full of history, which tends to

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