This citizen came to the village chief to complain about the consequences of cultural practices on the environment. These practices, the abusive cutting of wood and bush fires, mean that water is now scarce, and this affects crop yields. It doesn’t rain much any more. The village dean needs to take steps to ban these practices. Another citizen said that if we don’t cut down the trees, if we don’t build bush fires, we can no longer feed our families.

From discussion to discussion, the village elder declared that, in the name of the village, from now on, anyone who cuts down a tree must be able to replace it, whatever the species, it could be a mango tree, an orange tree, to replace the forest species. The second decision relates to bush fires: we can’t ban them completely. What he would have liked was for people to start fires early, before the grass has completely dried out. If you wait until the grass has dried out, the fire will burn everything, and that’s not good for nature, animals or the plants themselves. With early fires, everyone can benefit.


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