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The songs of agricultural work in Mali, February 2023

The villagers taking part in the Watigueleya Kele programme have collected a number of songs that accompany farm work. More or less recent, they punctuate the collective work, encourage the workers and sometimes express their concerns and hopes.   Song (Bouillagui) waxati kigné ono soxano dema hakheti sou iwa soukho teni noxo: soxé ni gollè mounafante nia   kha khotenie,

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Praise for the fastest grower (Bossoko, Guinea), February 2023

In collective cultures, we celebrate the hero among all the men in the village, the one who works the fastest and the best. He is the hero of the day. At home, in the evening, the reward for the hero is the head of the ram that has been killed for the community. The head is handed over to him,

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A song of encouragement for farmers (Banzana, Mali), February 2023

Lyrics: The field is completely ploughed, shame on the farmer’s enemy. The field is completely ploughed by the young braves of the village, shame on the enemies of the village. The fields are ploughed, Ousmane Sidibé shame on your enemy. The field is completely ploughed, shame on your enemy! The field is completely ploughed, peul Djibril shame on your enemy!

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