“The drying of the river in Mandou “, (Guinea) – April 2021

My name is Kanibooi Ibrahaima Camara, the elder of Mandou village.

We are in the bed of the Farako stream where we practised our rituals, we did not cut wood here, we did not fish, even the children did not dare to enter here because the forest was so dense. This river, which is now drying up, used to have a lot of water; even the roots and rocks that we see today were submerged.

We are concerned about the drying up of this great river Farako and so many others in the village and we are asking for SOS to all people of good will.”

Delegate: Despite the impacts of climate change in the village, you manage to find the minimum of food for your families? With what techniques?

Village elder: We are adapting while promoting rice cultivation with the transplanting technique and with short duration varieties (3 to 4 months)

Delegate: You said that this stream was very large, the forest was dense and that it was where rituals were practiced. And why is this stream dry today?

Village elder: The reasons are, among others, the cutting of wood in the forest, the abandonment of the area and the destruction of the springs for cultivation.

Delegate: You said that rituals were practiced here and on these rocks. Doesn’t stopping these practices lead to the destruction of this forest?

Village elder : Yes, since we stopped these ritual practices in this forest, people have started to cut and do whatever they want and we are obliged to abandon these rituals in favour of the Muslim religion.



  • Moussa Camara

    Moussa Camara, environnementaliste de profession , âgé de 31 ans et Guinéen résident à Mandou (sous préfecture de Damaro, préfecture de Kerouane).

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