“My name is Assata Camara, a citizen of Mandou.

We came to the marigot to wash our clothes. As you can see, it is the lack of water that sent us to the marigot here, even if the water is dirty and red, we are obliged to wash our clothes with it.  
– What caused the lack of water?  
It’s God, the rain is getting scarcer and scarcer, our crops don’t give much, not like before, especially this year the rain stopped very early and that’s what made it difficult for our husbands to provide food.  
– What technique do you use for your market gardening?  
To adapt to this water problem, we dig wells in the lowlands to water our crops every day to help our husbands with food in Mandou. ”  

My name is Fanta Camara, a citizen of Mandou. In Mandou we have insufficient water, it is difficult to find water to satisfy our needs. We scour the wells to water our gardens. The marigots have dried up because it doesn’t rain very much, and we are asking for help from all people of good will. 

By Aminata Camara


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