“My name is Fatoumata, I come from Banzana.
What I said about the pump applies to the well. Our grandparents used to go to the Kamankolé river, 5 km from Banzana, to get water. They used to go on foot in the morning and only came back in the afternoon, and this water was used for all the household chores.  
Not so long ago, we used to dig holes in the Marigot to get water, and in the evening when the water was well filtered, we queued up so that everyone could have a basin of water for their needs. Then, people from a project came to help the handicapped (blind) with this well, the well of the blind. The blind people were doing market gardening to support themselves, this well was helping them in this sense but because of the difficulty and lack of water in the village, the water from the holes we were digging in the marigot is not enough for us anymore, going to the river is not easy either. We took this well from the blind people, we use it for our needs.  
We used to spend even the night here to get water, finally we had to find a rotation system, one group draws water in the morning and another at night. Each group has its turn, we spend our days like this. 

by Malado Sibidé


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