Drying up of water points (Bandafassi, Senegal), May 2021 

“I don’t know if you know the place there, the place called Kuga. We used to draw water from there, but now there is no water. The old people who used to live here say that people used to draw water from there, but look at today, there’s not even any water. It’s amazing. Even if you dig, you can’t find water.

– What happened to make the ashes here?

It’s the fire. All this contributes to the lack of water. There used to be a lot of trees here, but there are none now. People cut down so many trees. And the fire has done what you see, it’s complicated.


  • Jacques Camara

    Je m’appelle Jacques Camara je suis Bedik et agent de développement communautaire à Bandafassi, mon village est considéré comme la porte d’entrée du pays Bassari, se trouvant au Sénégal dans la région de Kédougou, à 15 km de la capitale régionale.

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