It rained this year but not like other years. The rain started early but there were breaks in the rainfall, so it did not rain continuously. This discouraged many farmers. Then the rain came back but it was a bit late. For those who sowed at that time, the seedlings did not reach maturity, so the groundnuts and maize did not ripen. It’s really difficult for us this year because the crops are not good. If we don’t get help it will be complicated. The solution I propose is that we should be ready to plant in time to hope for a good harvest if we get good rainfall.

By: Bernadette Cissé

Infertile land, Bandafassi, Senegal, February 2022


My name is Pena and I live in Bandafassi. Today we see that the land is less and less fertile. In the past, even if you cultivated a small area you could have a good production, but today you cultivate a large field for an average harvest. We think that this is due to the excessive use of chemicals that promote soil degradation. We think that the use of these chemicals should be reduced or even stopped if we want to recover the profitability of the soil.  

By Jacques Camara



  • Bernadette Sounkarou Cissé

    Je m’appelle Bernadette Sounkarou Cissé, je suis de Bandafassi, un village de la région de Kédougou au sud-est du Sénégal. Bandafassi est une communauté rurale et chef-lieu d’arrondissement, dans le département de Kédougou.

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