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Wintering and preparations for wintering (Banzana, Mali), February 2023

Wintering (the rainy season) is an important period in agricultural activity, when the rains invigorate the fields and make them fertile. Unfortunately, because of climate change and irregular and decreasing rainfall, crops suffer from drought, producing poor harvests that do not allow farmers to make a living. Faced with these difficulties, villagers have had to adapt their farming practices in

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Overview of the rainy season, Bandafassi, Senegal, February 2022

It rained this year but not like other years. The rain started early but there were breaks in the rainfall, so it did not rain continuously. This discouraged many farmers. Then the rain came back but it was a bit late. For those who sowed at that time, the seedlings did not reach maturity, so the groundnuts and maize did

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