In this video, we see a Bedik woman making canaris.

She explains that she takes the land up the mountain, that it is not just any land: it is land that was bought by their grandparents at the cost of their lives. Now, every time she digs the land to make canaris, they have to pay a goat, a chicken to make sacrifices, so that the land can give them a good production. They bring two types of soil: one that is granular and one that is smooth. She mixes this with the leaves of the fonio, what is left after the fonio is taken. They mix it with water and shape the canaries. When they have finished, they put the canaries in the sun for three days, then they look for the wood bark. They burn them with the canaries, before taking them to the market to sell them. They used to carry them on their heads to Kédougou, now they use the tricycles that are there, it’s easier. However, if the land does not accept them, all the canaris they can make go bad.   


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