Cotton harvest in Missirah Tabadiang, Senegal, January 2022

In this small village on the national road, women organise themselves into groups to harvest the various cotton fields in the village of Missirah Tabadiang. They are paid in kind, i.e. they are given cotton as pay, or a sum of money that is paid into the fund of the group that did the work.

The cultivation of cotton is an alternative because of the scarcity of rainfall. Cotton is a crop that does not need much water. It should be noted that the population of Missirah Tabadiang is originally from the Niokolokoba Park and it is the displacement of these populations by the state of Senegal that has forced them to adopt different crops from those practiced when they were inside the park.

By Hamanding Kanté, Missirah Tabadiang, Senegal


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