Hamanding Kanté


Examples of alternative activities to water scarcity in Missirah Tabadiang, Senegal, February 2022

 The scarcity of rainfall means that the lowlands no longer fill up with water as they used to. This has a negative impact on rice production. In order to make ends meet, the women of the village have started alternative activities such as collecting stones. They divide into groups to collect stones to sell them to truckers from Tambacounda.

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Cotton harvest in Missirah Tabadiang, Senegal, January 2022

In this small village on the national road, women organise themselves into groups to harvest the various cotton fields in the village of Missirah Tabadiang. They are paid in kind, i.e. they are given cotton as pay, or a sum of money that is paid into the fund of the group that did the work. The cultivation of cotton is

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“Groundnut harvest in Missirah Tabadiang, Senegal”, December 2021

In this video, we see a father helping his son to harvest groundnuts. They use animal power combined with human power. This work began in the second half of October to take advantage of the soil moistened by the morning fog. The unearthed groundnuts are collected in small heaps by the other members of the family (women and children) and

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“Jar making in Missirah Tabadiang, Senegal”, May 2021

A key activity for the women of the village to meet some of their needs, which allows them to change activity during the off-season. Explanatory session on jar making by Hamanding Kante