Newsletter #4 – Introduction

Dear Readers,

It’s never too late to wish a happy Watigueleyan new year 2022 with this fourth edition of the Watigueleye Kèlê project’s newsletter!

On the research side, we’re happy to present a new partner in the project, the CIRD in Guinea and their consultant Safiatou Diallo. We’re also sharing a new article on the SOAS blog by Elara Bertho on the concept of “collective repertoire”.

Last December took place the first advocacy workshop in Kayes for the Malian villager team with the support of Donkosira and the international advocacy expert Illia Djadi! The workshop allowed the villagers to build their capacity for advocacy. They applied the learned advocacy techniques to concrete problems in their villages. On the last workshop day, they presented their advocacy case to the local authorities in Kayes. The Malian TV network Renouveau TV reports on the workshop.

We’re also delighted to share with you new reportages on local resilience and climate change sent by the project participating villages. In Mali, the reportages address the issues of finding or channelling water, planting trees to fight against deforestation and harvesting baobab’s leaves. Senegal shares reports on weaving techniques, cotton harvesting and the effects of climate change on the Bandafassi landscape, while Guinea’s villages tell us all about medicinal plants, fencing to protect animals and alleviate deforestation, as well as wildlife depletion in the Simandou mountain. Click to see the challenges encountered by the villagers and the local solutions found to adapt!

Enjoy your reading,

by Marie Rodet 


  • Marie Rodet

    Mes principaux intérêts de recherche se situent dans le domaine de l’histoire moderne du genre et des migrations en Afrique de l’Ouest francophone.

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