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A water basin to water a garden in Banzana (Mali), May 2022

“I live in the Kayes region, my name is Djibril Sidibé, my village is called Banzana in the commune of liberté Dembaya. I am a gardener, you see my mango trees, the only reason why the trees do not give enough fruit is the lack of water!   I dug a well in my garden but I only started again

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Water and well management in Banzana (Mali), May 2022

“My name is Fatoumata, I come from Banzana. What I said about the pump applies to the well. Our grandparents used to go to the Kamankolé river, 5 km from Banzana, to get water. They used to go on foot in the morning and only came back in the afternoon, and this water was used for all the household chores.

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Planting trees, Banzana, Mali, November 2021

My name is Abdou Sidibé, Kayes Banzana.  I planted these trees because when we were young we used to see big trees, but now there are no more. We lack trees and the lack of trees is linked to the lack of rainfall. I felt that something had to be done and so I planted these few trees.  The beginning

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“Compensating for declining rainfall in Banzana, Mali”, November 2021

In Banzana, the villagers are noticing the negative effects of the drop in rainfall on yields and are trying to compensate for them with human labour. I am Haby Sangaré, Banzana. Here we only practice agriculture but there is no rain.  We fertilise our fields by hand, we grow groundnuts to meet our needs, but the rain does not come,

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“Climate change in Banzana, Mali”, May 2021

“In Mali (Kayes region, village of Banzana), I remember when I was a child we used to start sowing on the 25th day of May to ensure a good season and the harvests were usually good. But nowadays, the rainy season starts later and later, and this year we started sowing in July and August. So if it doesn’t rain

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” Vegetable farming and water problems “, Banzana (Mali) – April 2021

Interview with Famakan Koné “Nowadays, there is no more rain, so our crops are lost. We love farming but if the harvest is not good because of the drought, it is discouraging. Rain is no longer enough, so we grow crops for our daily needs in order to survive the hard times, such as sweet potatoes, banankou, fruit trees and

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