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Wintering and preparations for wintering (Banzana, Mali), February 2023

Wintering (the rainy season) is an important period in agricultural activity, when the rains invigorate the fields and make them fertile. Unfortunately, because of climate change and irregular and decreasing rainfall, crops suffer from drought, producing poor harvests that do not allow farmers to make a living. Faced with these difficulties, villagers have had to adapt their farming practices in

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“Compensating for declining rainfall in Banzana, Mali”, November 2021

In Banzana, the villagers are noticing the negative effects of the drop in rainfall on yields and are trying to compensate for them with human labour. I am Haby Sangaré, Banzana. Here we only practice agriculture but there is no rain.  We fertilise our fields by hand, we grow groundnuts to meet our needs, but the rain does not come,

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