“Compensating for declining rainfall in Banzana, Mali”, November 2021

In Banzana, the villagers are noticing the negative effects of the drop in rainfall on yields and are trying to compensate for them with human labour.

I am Haby Sangaré, Banzana.

Here we only practice agriculture but there is no rain.  We fertilise our fields by hand, we grow groundnuts to meet our needs, but the rain does not come, our crops dry up. Groundnuts, millet, even okra plants lose their leaves. We also do market gardening but we don’t have any equipment, it is us, the old ladies, who are going to draw water from a depth of 30 metres to water the crops and benefit from it, but what benefits can we draw from this situation? We are in this situation while waiting for death.

By Malado Sibidé and Adama Konaté


  • Malado Sidibé

    Je m’appelle Malado Sidibé, j’ai 18ans. Étudiante en électroménager, je suis déléguée villageoise de Banzana au compte de Donkosira pour le projet « watigueleya kèlê ».

  • Adama Konaté

    Né vers 1998, je viens de la première région du Mali (Kayes). Mon village s’appelle Banzana. Je fais un BT2 en électromécanique.

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