Mandiou Camara speaks: “I am stopped in the middle of the pond. Look, there is no more water left in the pond. Otherwise it used to be a big pond. It is also a pond where we grow crops. You see, farming doesn’t work. One day a gentleman asked us to lend him our land. We told him that agriculture doesn’t flourish here. He was stubborn. He didn’t get anything.  

Even with this ditch, it only takes one rainfall, the whole pond is filled and the drainage ditch is blocked. You saw around, I had made rice. But nothing has yielded except the periphery you see there. We make sacrifices here. You saw that tree over there, last time someone came from America. He had concerns. We sacrificed an ox here. His problem was solved. We often did it at the waterhole and God always grants our wishes here. This pond is called Fataman-dala pond, ‘Fatama’s pond’. Everyone knows that there are no jokes in this pond. This is a place where you don’t play with water because everything here is sacred from the past.


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