“Investigators’ Training in Bamako” – January 2021

On January 18, 2021, a training workshop on the socio-economic survey was held at Impact Hub’s premises, ACI 2000 in Bamako.

The training began with a few words of welcome and a presentation of the Watigueleya Kêlé project by Dr. Marie Rodet, professor of African History at SOAS and director of the project, followed by the presentation of the participants from the three countries involved in the project, including the team of researchers and the NGO Donkosira.

After reviewing the workshop program, session 2 on equitable climate resilience in West Africa began. The session dealt with personalized data protection legislation, informed consent, anonymization and personal data management.

Researchers Marie Rodet and Marie Christine Deleigne proceeded to the distribution of the material necessary for the survey (tablets plus accessories, solar battery and USB key), after which researchers Cheick Bah and Dramane Cissoko intervened to develop the concepts of climate change and the phenomena it causes. The trainer, Marie Christine Deleigne, then explained the survey process and invited participants to translate the terms concession, concession head, household and head of household into the different local languages of the different countries.

Session 3, presented by Marie Christine Deleigne, focused on the Household Questionnaire and explained its objectives and methodology. The questionnaire was explained and read page by page so that the interviewers could become familiar with it. The morning of the second day of the workshop was also dedicated to this questionnaire. The questionnaire for individuals was then processed. Finally, the Dakar research team explained the process of the sectoral community survey conducted by the supervisors.

On the morning of the third day, the CSPRO software was installed on all the tablets, and then the interviewers embarked on a phase of practical exercises involving the household questionnaire on paper. They formed pairs and worked in their local languages. Once the exercise was completed, the questionnaires were handed over to the supervisors to correct any shortcomings and to save the results in the tablets.

The final material was then distributed to the participants. The conditions of the survey, travel, care and remuneration were discussed in front of the audience in all transparency. The day ended with advice to the teams for the success of the survey. The workshop ended with a recap of the methodology and instructions and exercises on the individual paper questionnaire, as well as on the payment of per diems.


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